During a signing ceremony this past Friday, 10-year-old Waylan Prosperie became the UCONN baseball team's youngest recruit.

For the past 10 years, Waylan has been battling a kidney disorder which means he's been in and out of hospitals since he was a baby. Waylan's most favorite sport of all is baseball according to the website nbcconnecticut.com.

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The Prosperie family was able to hook up with the Huskies through Team IMPACT which is a non-profit that works with kids facing serious illnesses. Waylan's mom, Katie told NBC Connecticut that her son has never been happier.

Now that Waylan is an official member of the team, he gets to go to every game, attend practices and events, and make friends with his other teammates. The team's head coach, James Pender is psyched to be working with Team IMPACT and loves Waylan's positive attitude and enthusiasm.  UCONN infielder, Christian Fedko had this to say about Waylan Prosperie,

Getting to know Waylan has been way more fun for me than I bet it has been for him. Learning so much from him, bringing energy to everything he does, how tough he is, how great the family is as well.


UConn's 2020 56 game baseball schedule kicks off on February 14 in Scottsdale Arizona and features 16 games at their brand new on-campus stadium, Elliot Ballpark. You can bet that their new team member, Waylan Prosperie will be cheering on his teammates at every single game. The 2020 UConn baseball schedule can be found by clicking on uconnhuskies.com. GO HUSKIES!

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