UConn's Geno Auriemma followed strict protocol to protect himself from the coronavirus but tested positive anyway.

Auriemma followed all the guidelines; distancing, masking, and hand sanitizer several times a day, according to an article on ctinsider.com. Four days after receiving his second shot of the COVID vaccine, he tested positive.

The good news is that Geno feels great and has no symptoms of the virus and he believes that if he hadn't received both shots of the vaccine, he said, "I might be really, really, really sick."

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According to the CDC, you're actually not fully vaccinated until 14 days after the second shot. But according to the medical professionals, if you do test positive before the 14 days are up, you've acquired enough immunity to beat down the virus. Here is what Auriemma told Insider:

“After 12 months and everywhere that I’ve been, everything that I’ve done, nothing,” Auriemma said, referring to the lack of positive test before this week. “...You have know idea with this [virus]. You have no idea where, when, how. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary that I’ve done any other time this year.”


Auriemma's positive test has taken him out of the action. He will quarantine for 10 days and will be able to rejoin the team on March 24, which is after the NCAA Tournament's second round.

Stepping in to coach the Lady Huskies in Auriemma's absence will be associate head coach Chris Dailey, a member of The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame and has been in this same situation before and came out a winner both times.

Auriemma is still puzzled about how he caught the virus after strictly following all the guidelines. The good news is having the vaccine in his system when he was infected is likely keeping him asymptomatic.

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