On Saturday (3/20/24) UCONN stepped on another throat eliminating Illinois in a 77-52 thumping. The victory carried the University of Connecticut men's basketball team into the Final Four and a Saturday (4/6/24) showdown with #4 Alabama.

UCONN officials are getting prepped for any potential hangover that may come from winning yet another championship. It appears the school is trying to avoid a repeat of last year's riot-like fiesta by bolting their lampposts to the ground.

In case you don't recall, last year's National Championship celebration got ultra-wild with students/fans using the lamp posts as ramming devices and destroying windows on campus.


Forgive my ignorance but shouldn't lamp posts ALREADY be bolted down? How are they typically secured to the ground? Are they not bolted down? Can any handful of people grab a lamppost and wander off?

I guess I best not think too deeply on this one but I will say I don't like counting chickens before the eggs are hatched. We've seen a million times in sports, we have heard the nightmare stories. One team thinks they have it locked up and begins to bring the champagne in the locker room before the game ends and then things don't go their way.

Let's not jinx this thing please.

Illinois v Connecticut
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Let Clingan close this thing out before we start buying party hats and streamers.

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