The Hartford Courant has reported that five dorms totaling more than 540 students at the University of Connecticut have been instructed to quarantine beginning Wednesday morning because of the increase in COVID-19 cases on and off campus. This is what university spokesperson, Stephanie Reitz, had to say,

Tuesday was UCONN's largest single day of reported positive cases since we began testing in August, and obviously cause for concern.

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What does it mean to quarantine on campus? Quarantine procedures include testing, take-out dining from quarantine dining halls, and online classes. If the quarantine remains in place after November 20, when the winter recess begins, students may go home and then be advised by UCONN on how to quarantine at home.

Back in Danbury, according to the Human Resources Department at Western Connecticut State University, after the Thanksgiving break, WCSU students will not be returning to the residence halls until further notice, and classes will be held online only.

On the university's website,, President Dr. John B. Clark stated to both faculty and students that, "This is an urgent reminder that we MUST remain vigilant with our health and safety measures." He went on to say that the COVID-19 infections that are happening on campus are associated with small, intimate gatherings and family events.

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