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You clicked on this article, so you probably love UConn. Whether you go there, went there, love it there, or are sending your kids there, you, most likely, have some obligatory gear, apparel, and memorabilia (the hoodie, the signed basketball, the college ring, etc.). However, if your collection is getting a little stale, allow me to refresh your rotation of all things UConn with some new ideas I  found on Amazon. This is a list of the best stuff I came across.

  • 1

    Huskies Heritage Banner

    There's not a better fan than a tenured one. A fan that's been with their team, in sickness, and in health, misery and euphoria, loss or win. If you're a part of UConn nation, you know exactly what I'm talking about. However, despite the trials and tribulations we experience as fellow huskies, our iconic logo has provided a shoulder to cry on throughout the years- and there's nothing like the steady evolution of our beloved Jonothan to motivate you to make your own progress. Hang it up in your basement where it can inspire you to finally hit that Peleton you just had to have for Christmas. Here's to evolving, Husky nation.

  • 2

    Huskies Golf Towel

    I know it's winter, but golf is a lifestyle for most and a mere seasonal hobby to some. Driving ranges exist, and it's not like you can't hit the links when it's not snowing. Essentially, your golf bag shouldn't be collecting dust right now, and, if it is, you should buy yourself an excuse to dust its cobwebs off and to start preparing that swing for the spring. So give yourself a major towel upgrade in the name of UConn Nation (and thank me later for the head start advantage on all your club buddies).


  • 3

    Vintage Huskies Flag

    The 2002 husky logo is, arguably, the nicest one out of them all. We must protect the more wholesome-looking Jonothan at all costs. We must not let him go extinct. Hang this incredibly crisp looking banner up to remind yourself of the good ole' days.

  • 4

    UConn Monopoly Game

    How's this for a practical piece of memorabilia and team spirit? Let's just say the game has changed (literally). The spaces on the board are specific to UConn buildings and landmarks, the name is catchy, and the vintage husky logo legitimizes the whole game tenfold. Plus, it's a great way to teach your kids the layout of your dear alma mater. Start 'em early. I would claim my stake in this UConn property as soon as possible.


  • 5

    UConn Mug

    Not having a coffee mug of your favorite sports team and/or alma mater in your top 3, morning coffee mug rotation is a collegiate crime, let alone not having one in your rotation at all. This clean and minimalistic mug will start your day just as reliably as the name on it allowed you to start your career. Swig your joe with a little class (no pun intended), will you?


  • 6

    Husky Doormat

    Let any guest know that they're stepping into a husky household. Better to set the tone with a little collegiate pride, rather than with a "bless this house" or "beware of dog" number.

  • 7

    Husky Money Clip

    A less clunky way to carry your cold hard cash, and an understated way to say "go UConn." Ditch the thick wallet, if you'd like, and opt for something more practical.  Again, you can't go wrong with the vintage logo.

  • 8

    Husky Mini-Hoop

    Hang this up in your kids' room, dominate them in a quick game to 5, rinse, and repeat. You're never too old for some mini-basketball, and you're never good enough to replicate what the women's and men's team do every year, either. At least we can have fun watching our kids believe they're the next Maya Moore. Bring UConn basketball a little closer to home and let the games begin.

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