Tonight the New York Yankees and New York Mets will meet in the Subway Series in Queens at Citi Field. Masahiro Tanka will take the mound for the Bombers and the Mets will counter with their ace Jacob DeGrom. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10pm.

This is going to be interesting. The Yankees are red hot and on pace to win over 110 games and the Mets are just bad. It's like watching an old episode of "Friends." You know the players, you know the plot, you know the ending and you watch it anyway. In fairness, in this series I think the Mets will steal a game.

In the big picture, you have two teams in the same city whose future's could not be more different. The Yankees are loaded with young talent on their Major League roster and their AAA team is arguably better than a handful of Major League teams. The Yanks at the moment are 40-18 atop the AL East.

All the while the Mets are 27-32, 7.5 games out of first and second to last in the NL East. To add insult to injury just yesterday the Daily News did an article about the possibility of the Mets unloading DeGrom and or Syndergaard. The article sites "inside sources" and hinges on whether they are contending by mid season.

Full disclosure, I am a Yankee fan but I AM NOT pointing out the huge differences between these organizations to rub it in. If I were a Mets fan I would want them to shop their two aces. This team is not one or two players away from contending, they are about 8 players away from contending.

DeGrom, specifically could bring back a huge package to get you set up for the future. The guy has a 1.49 ERA over 12 games this season. Syndergaad won't send back "bucket of balls" either. This is the chance to rebuild for the Mets and they are a team that needs to start over.

The Yankees biggest problems remain the same, they need another big time pitcher, they are carrying too many good position players and the Red Sox don't lose. These are two very different teams. All that said, would it surprise me if the Mets sweep the series? No, that's baseball Susan.

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