Did you know that the richest town in all of the United States is Atherton, California? I didn't either until I read an article on veranda.com, where they've listed the 20 richest towns in the US. As I scrolled down the list, I found that Connecticut is home to two of the Top 20.

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It really should be no surprise to us, as the area that both are located in is known as Connecticut's Gold Coast. But, according to veranda.com, Old Greenwich is the 16th richest town in all of the US. The average household income in Old Greenwich is a whopping $321,377. the article also highlights that Old Greenwich was founded in 1641, and 'The tony town sits on Long Island Sound and was known as Sound beach in the nineteenth century.' According to wikipedia, Old Greenwich's notable residents have included Bernie Madoff's wife Ruth, Edwin Binney, the co-founder of Crayola, and the great comedian Victor Borge.


Darien, Connecticut is even richer, landing as the tenth richest town in the US on veranda.com's list. Darien's average household income was a beefy $352,839. Veranda.com mentions also that the median home value in Darien is over $1.6 million dollars. Wikipedia's list of notable residents of Darien's past includes quite a few very familiar names: Charles Lindbergh, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Downey Jr., Kate Bosworth, Chloe Sevigny, Gus Van Sant, Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker, Brian Cashman, Scot Pelley, and Ashleigh Banfield.

Sorry to disappoint you Ridgefield, New Canaan, and Wilton, maybe next year.

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