You've probably driven by the Danbury Winair Company at 558 Federal Road in Brookfield hundreds of times, and never given it another thought, just like me.

Well, they're going to be on the top of a lot of people's minds as the weather starts to get colder because the local sheet metal manufacturer is partnering up with local restaurants to provide them with an airborne disinfectant system, that may allow for safer indoor seating as this pandemic rages on into the colder months.

I noticed two restaurants in Southbury and Woodbury over the weekend take to their social media pages to announce that they've installed Winair's systems.

Market Place Woodbury, which is located at 641 Main Street South, announced that they've installed Winair's system throughout their building's HVAC system. Just a few scroll downs later, I noticed another local place saying basically the same thing:

Mercato Italian Kitchen and Bar is located in Southbury at 690 Main Street South and they've installed Winair's system in their HVAC also.

According to, how the system basically works is Ultra Violet germicidal irradiation lights are installed in a building's HVAC system, and the building's air is forced through the array, exposing contaminants to the germ-killing light. Since the lights are on 24/7, it maximizes the amount of time that the recirculated air and contaminants, are being exposed to the germ-killing UV light.

I've seen this kind of UV light-based system used in hand dryers in a couple of bathrooms recently, obviously, this is on a much larger scale, but the concept is the same. Hey, anything that will keep the public safer, and local restaurants open and operating is a good thing. Thank you Winair, Market Place, and Mercato for keeping us informed and making the investment and taking the steps needed to keep us all safe.

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