What do you do when your local DMV office closes?

Over the past few years in Connecticut, there have certainly been many stories of upheaval and problems in the overall Department of Motor Vehicles. They have put a lot of effort into rectifying computer problems as well as incredibly long waits in line. They have just initiated a new licensing program too.

The newest news, though, are these closures that will affect people in the Derby and Milford area. A press release on the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website says:

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced today the temporary closing next week of the Milford and Derby service centers as part of DMV’s developing strategy to strengthen customer services in its core full-service branch offices and help alleviate long wait times in these two small offices. They are open only two days each week.

DMV Commissioner Michael Bzdyra had this to say on ct.gov/dmv

The DMV lines in Milford City Hall have become just too long, and any closure would ripple into Derby where lines are also growing. Returning four staff workers to full-service DMV offices, where there’s also high demand Tuesday through Saturday, will help improve service overall where we serve many more people

Hopefully, this move will alleviate some issues, even though any closure is not an easy choice, I'm sure. A full list of all DMV offices, and links to each of them can be found at ct.gov/dmv.

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