Since March, Twizzlers has been selling a mystery licorice flavor with a twist, you could guess what the flavor was.

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On Wednesday (6/23/21), the company announced what the flavor was and the answer is underwhelming, Raspberry.

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I didn't try it but I saw that it's purple and I'd imagine they replicated the Raspberry flavor as closely as you can on a licorice stick, woo-hoo, wonderful. But, Raspberry? Are you that desperate to get the attention of folks like me to remind people that you exist just to move a few more units?

Twizzlers are my favorite candy in the world and I'd hate to think the company is in any trouble? Are you guys in trouble? Because I will volunteer my free time and lend a genius marketing brain to the cause.

Here is some free advice right out of the gate, save wacky promotions like this for the clown at Sour Patch Kids, you are a true original, you are Coca-Cola, not Sierra Mist. Give me some Americana marketing, something fresh and modern with a nod to the company's long and storied history in this country.

You can't be what you are not, you are licorice and it's a love it or hate it product, you can only change so many minds, so make it Un-American to not eat Twizzlers.

I know, I'm impressed with my perspective as well.

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