Last Summer I wrote an article about the troubles that nocturnal animals and migrating birds are having as they cross Connecticut. As migrating birds fly across our urban areas, they can be confused by the bright lights, and this can lead to exhaustion, or worse if they fly into a window.

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I noticed a sign outside the Litchfield Community Center last month, it was a request and an explanation of why from Lights Out Connecticut. Here's why it caught my attention -

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

That's interesting, right? Not only will you give your insomniac neighbor a break, you may even save a bird's life if you shut that unnecessary porch or spotlight off overnight. My neighbor behind my place keeps two floodlights on all night, just to protect his kid's swing set. Seriously, I've asked him. Is that non-essential?

Substitute Bill No. 6607 has been submitted to the 2023 Connecticut General Assembly, it is an Act concerning the nighttime lighting on state-owned buildings in Connecticut. If passed, lights deemed to be non-essential by a state-agency head will be turned off between the hours of 11PM and 6AM during the peak migration periods of March 15 to May 31, and August 15 to November 15 each year.

This seems like an easy call, municipalities are constantly asked for ways to trim expenses and look for reasons as to why we don't need things anymore. Our homeowner's association in Torrington has recently considered turning our public area lights off as a way to save for extra plow money.

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