As far as I know, there hasn't been any shouting or fisticuffs in the classroom where Trump 101 is being taught.

From comes the story about a class that's offered at Southern CT State University that revolves around Trump's first 100 days as President of the United States.

Professor Emeritus Arthur Paulson teaches the course and tells WSHU that he begins each class by letting his students express their opinions. He also says that the course has highlighted the possibility that the citizens of this country are not necessarily as angry at each other as public perception shows us to be. In short, Paulson thinks that while our political views may be very different from person to person, overall ideals and values are rooted in the same light.

David Blackmon, one of the students in Professor Paulson's class told WSHU:

The conversation gets pretty spirited but there's always an underlying sense of respect.

Here are some of the comments heard in the class, Trump 101.

He thinks he doesn't have to acknowledge opposition, which I think is very troubling. Very, very troubling.

It's been only 3 weeks and people are constantly scrutinizing him. And say people are protesting? I haven't seen too many protestors outside, and what are they protesting? They're not protesting about jobs. Actual things that makes people's lives better.


Make America Great Again. What does he mean? To me, it's a racial background to say what is great. Like, make white people great again?

Professor Paulson sees the upside to the class, Trump 101 on a daily basis. He sees a room full of young engaged citizens who are excited to take part in that badge of democracy, the free exchange of ideas.

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