The victims of this CT sex trafficking ring will suffer emotional scars for many years.

For 20 years this Connecticut sex trafficking ring was ruining lives of already troubled young men and teenage boys. The Associated Press reported on the true victims of the sex ring back in November of 2018.

Police told the Associated Press that the sex ring dated back to the 1990s and preyed upon young men who were developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs. Danbury's Robert King was found guilty of sex trafficking last August and will be spending many years behind bars.

The unfortunate victims of the sex trafficking rings were left with life-long emotional scars like PTSD, flashbacks, and various psychological disorders. One man who is only known as Victim #1 is so emotionally damaged, he is unable to take care of himself. Another man known as Victim #2 told police he was paid $50 to $80 to perform sex acts on older men and was then threatened with bodily harm by Robert King if he exposed the sex ring. Connecticut highways also played a part in Connecticut's sex trafficking.

Linda Marino, the mother of sex ring victim, Samuel Marino told police that her son never told her about what he was involved in because he was so ashamed. Samuel ended up carjacking a vehicle in 2009 and died in a car crash resulting from the police chase. He was 26 years old. Here is the note he left for his mother, Linda.

Guilty, ashamed, and disgusted. What happened was an act of survival. I was taken advantage of by Bob King. It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my fault, it wasn't my fault

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