Now there's a headline that screams, "tell me something I don't know." But the question is, how bad is it? Where does traffic in Connecticut rank nationally?

If you drive around Connecticut you live the hell of seemingly never ending construction projects and idiot drivers that you want to give the one finger salute too on a daily basis! But putting our emotions aside, is it really, truly, that bad in our state? Turns out, it kinda is. Here's the lowdown from studies and statistics website about 2018's best and worst state's to drive in.

Known for being a research and statistics website their researchers looked at a bunch of factors like traffic, the condition of roadways overall, also weather conditions, gas prices and how bad, or good, drivers are. WalletHub then compared all 50 states, and now you know where to try to avoid being behind the wheel. Here's the ranking for the Worst 5 states to drive in:

  • Coming in at #50 making it the absolute  worst is - Hawaii
  • #49 is Washington
  • #48 is Maryland
  • #47 is California ( I've driven in both Hawaii and California, and it sucks )
  • Coming in at #46 making it the 5th worst state to drive in is - Connecticut

So there you have it, your instincts about our state's highways of hell is pretty dead-on.

According to the survey, says the Best state to drive in is — Texas. While I've never been to Texas, I'm assuming since it's so big, the terrible drivers are just spread out more.

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