As I was beginning my research to write an article on some of the most dangerous roads in Connecticut, I came upon a website named The title of the article was "Top 31 Most Dangerous Roads In the US For Truckers."

I then discovered a couple of other websites that looked into the most dangerous roads for truckers, and guess what? There seemed to be one constant from one website to the next, and that was, Interstate 95 in Connecticut.

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A recent poll of 800 registered voters by the American Trucking Association found that 90% of those polled found that approximately 85% of the time, passenger vehicle drivers were the cause of an accident involving a big rig and a single vehicle.  

I want to make it clear that the purpose of this article is not to discredit or trash truckers. My purpose is to help you stay alive while sharing the road with these hard-working drivers of commerce. For "20 Tips for Preventing a Truck Accident" click this link.

Tractor-Trailer Crashes on Interstate 95

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