Which CT towns and cities top the list for the highest number of coronavirus cases?

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I'm sorry to say that Danbury is at the top of the list when it comes to having the most COVID-19 infections in the state per 100,000, according to the Department of Public Health as published on WVIT's website.

Highest Infection Rates Per 100,000 People

  1. Danbury - 3,276
  2. Bridgeport - 2,898
  3. Somers - 2,898
  4. Stamford -2,796
  5. Bloomfield - 2,726
  6. Hartford - 2,577
  7. Norwalk - 2,496
  8. Rocky Hill - 2,338
  9. New Haven - 2,333
  10. Windsor - 2,225

The lowest rates of infection per 100,000 were in Canaan, which is in the northwest corner of the state and Scotland which is near Windham and Willimantic.

As of September 17, Fairfield County currently has the most COVID cases with 19,678 and Windham County has the lowest number of cases at 890.

In Danbury, 220 new coronavirus cases were reported on Sept. 18, with a positivity rate rising from 1.2 percent to 1.6 percent and now it's up to 1.17 percent, which Governor Lamont calls a "troubling trend". The last time the rate was this high was on April 1.

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The big question that many Connecticut residents are asking is, "Will there be an upsurge in coronavirus cases in the fall and winter?" Dr. David Banach, an epidemiologist at UConn Health told the Hartford Courant,

The trajectory is still unknown, whether it will be a slow increase or it it will be more rapid, similar to what we saw during the early months of COVID.

To access daily updates on the coronavirus in Danbury, click on danbury-ct.gov. To keep up to date on the virus in all of Connecticut, click on, portal.ct.gov.

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