What new changes will be in store for downtown Brookfield during streetscape, phase three?

An article on newstimes.com explains how Brookfield voters and the Planning Commission have given the go-ahead for the next phase of Brookfield's downtown enhancements. Up next are bringing the sidewalks and other renovations further down Federal Road and onto Laurel Hill Road.

New bus shelters will also be erected for riders waiting for HARTransit. Also planned for phase three is a "pocket park" which will include ornamental trees and benches. How is all this being paid for? The town has applied for a grant that would take care of the $1.3 million cost, but the town would have to come up with 20%. Brookfield voters unanimously approved the $260,000 loan that will cover that 20%.

Planning has already begun planning for the fourth phase which will broaden the streetscape north on Federal Road to Newbury Village.

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