The first known Connecticut connection to Sunday night's deadly Las Vegas shooting is the Father of a Torrington woman.

Kurt Von Tillow, who was 55, died in the mass shooting.

He was the father of Jessica Giampaolo and father-in-law of C.J. Giampaolo of Torrington. His sister and niece, who he attended the festival with, were also shot and were hospitalized Monday after the shooting. Both are expected to survive.

According to family members, this concert was something that Von Tillow would attend every year. He was a Cameron Park, California resident, who went to the festival with his sister, his niece, his daughter and son-in-law. His daughter and son-in-law were not hurt during the incident.

In a report from a local TV Station's website,, Von Tillow's brother-in-law Mark Carson called him "the most patriotic person you've ever met, I guarantee you, he was covered in red, white and blue, with a Coors Light in his hand, smiling with his family and listening to some music."

Here's the report as seen on KCRA News: