You mention Ramen in a room full of foodies, and it will get quiet. Thai cuisine, Vietnamese, even Indian food have all had their day in the sun over the past few decades. One very underrated cuisine that there are an abundance of restaurants here in Connecticut is Portuguese. If you're not familiar, seafood and spices are very popular in Portuguese cuisine. Connecticut has a ton of oceanfront, so, voila.

I've seen quite a few Portuguese restaurants come and go around the Waterbury/Naugatuck area over the years. One of the most popular Portuguese restaurants is Lisboa in Waterbury. You really have to use your GPS to find this restaurant, it's located off the beaten path in a very industrial area of the city. but then, isn't that the true definition of a hidden gem?

If you're up towards the Hartford area, Primavera Pub has been garnering excellent online reviews for awhile.

If you can stomach the stench of the Naugatuck River, Santos Restaurant in Naugatuck will serve you up some cuisine that will make you almost forget that Tom Cruise once filmed a movie not too far away.

Along the shoreline, Omanuel Restaurant in Bridgeport would most likely turn your fresh catch that you caught from the nearby Bass Pro Shop into a tasty treat!

And, of course, right here in Danbury, the primo spot for Portuguese cuisine is the highly-rated Atlantic restaurant over on Osbourne St. The soup is "to die for" and they've got karaoke on Fridays and Saturday is dance night.