I was always a bit of a nostalgic person but as I get older it's coming to the forefront of my personality.

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When I sit back and reflect on how wonderful my childhood was I need to look at why it was so great. There are a lot of contributing factors but first and foremost my parents are good people who did everything possible to ensure my happiness. I can top that off by hitting the geography lottery, growing up in Putnam Lake, NY was as good as it gets.

This little area of the world allowed me and my friends to behave like absolute farm animals without really bothering anyone. The more I think about Putnam Lake, the more I want to recognize it and for me, that means joking.

Top 10 Ways to Describe Putnam Lake in 5 Words or Less

If you asked someone who never lived in Putnam Lake to describe it, they'd probably give you some run around about how complicated it is to boil down. If you lived there you know that it's quite simple and it can be done in five words or less. Here at the Top 10 Ways to Describe Putnam Lake in 5 Words Or Less.

Bonus Tracks:

  • ATV, Trikes, Dirt Bike Heaven
  • Where Kids Can Be Kids
  • A Wonderful Place to Live
  • Where kids could be kids
  • The Castle at Night
  • One of Everything
  • Make Fun if You Dare
  • Where Dirt Lives
  • Ms. Frick's CCD Class
  • Menchen, Schultz, Gannon, Garabo, Howard
  • Marino, Murray, Richardson, Lomedico, Allo
  • Milano, Colucci, Cable, Killgallen, Weiland
  • Nicodemo, Coviello, Shelley, Cook, O'Brien
  • Jeanette, Locasio, Fragano, Prokopowitz, Desantis

I left a lot of names out and I'm sorry but my memory is shot. I had to ask my sister Renee to help with this.

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Vacant Putnam Lake Properties

Putnam Lake is a Hamlet of the Town of Patterson In Putnam County, NY. Originally, the community was a vacation getaway for city folks who wanted Lake property in the country. Today, it’s not any kind of weekend or destination getaway but a great place to live, I would know, I grew up there. Like any small town, Putnam Lake, NY has its setbacks. It’s difficult to open any business and even harder to keep the doors open. These are some of the long vacant commercial properties of “The Lake.”

Look Inside Rarely Seen Corners of Brewster

There is an area in Brewster, NY where US 202, Lower Mine Road, the Croton River, the train tracks and a reservoir all converge. This is a look inside the rarely seen corners of Brewster AKA the Town of Southeast. 
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Aurora Photography


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