Are you comfortable overall with your height, or is it one of those things about yourself you wish you could change? Do you find yourself praying for an adult growth spurt? After reading survey results from about height I decided to pose the question on my Facebook page. Here are some of YOUR responses:

We all grow at different speeds. Most every child has those growth spurts that every parent curses out because they can't believe you've once again grown out of the clothes and shoes they just bought you.

Not so much for me or my mom and dad. It was never a dilemma. I've always been petite and never my height never shot up unexpectedly. In High School I frequently got picked up by some boy so I could talk to them eye to eye! While that might sound fantastic, it gets old quick. Still, I've always embraced being petite, along with the occasional sky-high stilettos!

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. You can find all of their answers on my Facebook page.

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