A longtime independent car dealer on Hamilton Avenue has packed it in after decades of business, and because of their move, Waterbury will soon have the first Laredo Taco Company in Connecticut.

Tony's Auto Sales had been in operation at 815 Hamilton Avenue in Waterbury for as long as I can remember. The Buonauto family sold me my first car, a 1976 Mercury Marquis, and my family has bought and sold many vehicles from them over the years.

It appears that Tony's Auto lives online only at the moment, with an inventory of classic cars. Congratulations guys, I hope that you got some nice money out of the 7-Eleven Company because they're the corporate owners of Laredo Taco Company.

I took a ride out yesterday afternoon to check out what was happening, and I was surprised to find that the lot has already been totally cleared out, the building demolished and work was well underway on leveling and grading. I stopped and took a few photos and I grabbed a few photos off of Google to show you the before and after of Tony's Auto's demolition.

Tony's Auto Demolished, CT's First Laredo Taco Coming to Waterbury

Before and after photos of the demolition at 815 Hamilton Ave, Waterbury

I've done a little research, and it seems like 7-Eleven has put most of these Laredo Taco Company locations inside convenience stores/gas stations across the country. Maybe that's what's coming to Hamilton Ave? I don't see and stand-alone Laredo Taco's nearby, in fact, this is going to be the Tri-State Area's first location. The closest to the Northeast currently are a few Laredo Taco's in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and DC.

The Laredo Taco menu is interesting, lots of breakfast options, including tacos, burritos, and bowls. There's also street tacos, family meals, and sides. Looks interesting, click HERE to check it out.

There is no information as to when this location will be up and running, they have to build it first, but, if I had to guess, maybe by the end of summer? I'll keep my eye on it.

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