Have you ever seen the 1994 Hollywood comedy "Greedy?"

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If not, I highly reccomend this film it's truly an underrated piece of art. The movie stars Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox and Nancy Travis and takes the viewer on a tour inside an extremely wealthy and greedy family.

The movie hits all the right notes and does what a comedy is intended to do, it makes you laugh. Phil Hartman steals every single scene he appears in, he does things in this movie I'm still laughing at nearly 30 years later. Whenever people say something was so funny, they peed their pants, I never believe them. However, this movie had moments so funny I truly lost control of my bladder and bowels.

Looking at pictures of this house reminded me of that movie, the laughs, the elegance, Phil Hartman, it all came rushing back when I looked at Tommy Hilfiger's former CT home which is now for sale.

Tommy Hilfiger's Former CT Estate Seems Like Something Out of a Movie

This is not a home, it is a friggin palace. What do you do with a house like this? You invite people over to remind them you’re better than they are. You have massive parties; you pay strangers to take care of all the grounds and you beg people to live with you so you’re not lonely. This home is a statement, and the statement is I wanted to buy the Playboy mansion, but someone beat me to it.  Check out the unbelievable former Connecticut home of Tommy Hilfiger.  

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Check out the full listing at Houlihan Lawrence.

Don't sleep on Ed Beagly Jr. either, he rocks in Greedy.

Maybe I think of movies about billionaires because movies seem more real to me than the life of a billionaire. I can picture myself living the life of a movie star but I can't even imagine the insanely wealthy mansion life.

P.S. I also got a little hint of the Brad Pitt ghost movie "Meet Joe Black" from this house, great house, great movie.

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Aurora Photography
Aurora Photography


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