Tom Brady is trying to trademark "Tom Terrific" according to Yahoo Sports. The report states that on May 24th Tom and his business team filed for the patent. This has Mets fans putting together an effort to stop it.

Why? Because Brady is not the world's only "terrific" Tom. Before Brady was even born, "Tom Terrific" AKA Tom Seaver was the ace pitcher that led the 69' "Miracle Mets." It's worth mentioning that Tom Seaver is currently battling dementia and his family announced in March that the Met great has retired from public life.

Imagine the nerve on this guy. Tom Brady has to be stopped. I don't often back Mets fans in anything but this is a joke. If nothing else Brady's timing needs to be called into question. Is it worth the PR hit from hell, just to sell some t-shirts?

I side with the Mets and Mets fans on this one. Furthermore, I don't like the idea that humans can decide to just own word combinations. It's the height of arrogance. Words are all we have and they belong to us all.



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