Where will Ton Brady play football next year? In the grand scheme of things the answer to this question will change none of our lives and that is precisely the kind of story we need right now. This move, wherever it takes us will be so much fun to talk about and over analyze.

Every piece of information we are given right now about the coronavirus is important information that we need to consider heavily and make a decisions about how we will apply it to our lives. Which is why we are in desperate need of information that will not change us, the world or the way we live in anyway, this is where Tom Brady comes in.

It's time for Tom and whatever team to come to terms on a deal that can give us a topic having nothing to do with this virus that has upended the world. I was trying to imagine which rumored result would be the most interesting and it all comes back to one place.

If Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys were able to come to an agreement it would be the most Earth shattering sports news we have had to chew on in a long time. You have the biggest star in pro football going to a place where they wear stars on their helmets, footballs biggest peacock goes to a place where all they do is puff their chests.

It would mean that Dak Prescott has to find a new home, we'd get to to sit back and watch the dynamic between Tom and Jerry Jones and Brady would have skill players at every position. This is the result I'm rooting for, not because I like Tom or the Cowboys but because it wreaks the most havoc in a deliciously dramatic fashion. LETS GO, indeed.

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