Say it ain't so, Chris Hansen!

Remember To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen? I used to love that show, especially when Hansen appeared from around a corner to let the creeper know he was in for a world of hurt. The show was canceled in Dec. of 2007.

Now it's former Stamford resident Chris Hansen who just might be in for a world of hurt, since he's been charged and arrested for allegedly passing several bad checks adding up to $13,000. According to several sources including the Danbury Daily Voice, police say Hansen had ordered $12,998.12 worth of promotional materials from Promotional Sales Limited in Stamford. All of the checks Hansen allegedly wrote out to the company were marked as insufficient funds, according to police.

Giving him the benefit of the ? Maybe he just made a simple banking mistake. Well, not so, said the company owner, who reportedly called Hansen and asked him to come in to straighten out the situation. He says that Hansen never showed up. That was when the owner called Stamford Police, who issued a warrant for his arrest and even then, police say it took him a month to turn himself in.

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