What do you smell when you drive around with your windows open here? The salty brine of Long Island Sound? The pizza cooking from thousands of ovens? The exhaust of the car in front of you at Dunkin'?

I love most of the unique smells of Connecticut, like the interior Mohegan Sun, or driving past the Long Wharf Drive food trucks in New Haven. On the other hand, there are three particular places that I hold my breath, or roll the windows up. Why? The stench.

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Two of the following have been irritating my nose for decades, I'm sure you'll agree.

Three Places in Connecticut Where The Smell Almost Knocks You Out

As the Summer heats up, so do the unexpected smells as you drive along with your windows open. I know of three areas in Connecticut where if you're not expecting it, the smell in the air will almost knock you out.

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