Three men from Connecticut entered a guilty plea after being slapped with conspiracy charges revolving around an alleged trafficking scheme that stretched across the country.

According to CT Post, 61-year-old Donald Burns of Milford, 34-year-old Terrell Givens of Beacon Falls and Scott “Pep” Bodnar of Ansonia have all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to one count each of distribute 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana. In addition, both Bodnar and Givens pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to launder money. The three now face potential life imprisonment.

An investigation into the cross country trafficking of marijuana began back in 2016. This is when the FAA started looking into flights from Stratford, CT to Northern California and back, with a few other stops along the way. Authorities say the plane, a Piper single-engine aircraft, was owned and operated by Burns.

The initial arrest was made back on June 28, 2017 after investigators searched Burns' plane when it landed at Sikorky Airport and reportedly found an estimated 400 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags. Authorities say Givens and Bodnar would have distributed the marijuana next, if not for the seizure.

Police say those involved with the operation earned millions over the approximate two years of the investigation and trafficked nearly two tons of marijuana in that time frame. Based on the charges against them, the three could face life in prison but due to the guilty pleas and cooperation, they are more likely to get 10 years a piece.

Crime is a funny business to get into. I feel like everyone gets into it for an easier life, but it's not easy. In fact, it seems really hard. Plus, you are constantly on call, working late nights and weekends. I don't know, being on call is not for me. I could not be a criminal. I most def. need my downtime to blow it out.

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