The wait is over! Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing.

With the start of a new decade, the Girl Scouts of America have not only introduced a new cookie to the pact but three Connecticut Girl Scouts are now being featured on their new cookie packaging.

The new cookie is called Lemon-Ups and each of these crisp lemon cookies is baked with motivational messages inspired by Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs.

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie. Is it the creamy chocolate peanut butter Tag-along? Maybe it's my all-time favorite, the peanut butter sandwich Do-si-dos!

When you buy a box of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, you're also purchasing the amazing experience that happens outside the cookie box. You're helping young girls learn about business skills, teamwork, planning, and a positive outlook.

To learn all about the Girl Scouts of Connecticut and where to find their amazing cookies, click on

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