Why are Connecticut and New York State stuck in the mud trying to legalize recreational marijuana?

According to an article on the Danbury Daily Voice website, New York and Connecticut residents are driving by the thousands to Massachusetts to purchase legal weed, even though transporting recreational marijuana across state lines is against the law. Check out masslive.com for all the details.

The New York Post recently observed that one-day last week, two-thirds of the license plates in the parking lot at one of the Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries were from New York.

In both New York and Connecticut, legislative bills regarding the legalization of marijuana are sluggishly making their way through the legislative process. Will both New York and Connecticut eventually legalize pot? I'm almost certain it's going to happen but not in the immediate future.

Remember that purchasing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is legal. Bringing that weed back to Connecticut and/or New York is against the law. Proceed at your own risk.

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