If you haven't driven through Thomaston recently, or ever, the business and retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade.

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I started hanging out in town back in the early 80's, with my dear friend, Eric Stevens, whose family ran The Stevens Company in town. Thomaston's star attraction has always been Seth Thomas, hence the name of the town, and his Seth Thomas Clock Factory building downtown on South Main Street . The big clock tower and building has stood for over 100 years, since 1915, and many businesses have opened up shop in it's hallowed halls over the decades.

A new craft brewery is just about ready to open up their doors on the grounds of the factory, at 35 South Main Street very soon.

The brewery is called Clocktown Brewing Company, and from the photographs on their social media announcement, the place looks like they've invested a lot of money on the gorgeous interior.

The owners state that they were slated to open at any moment right now, but, they're just not ready to do so yet. I'm sure that there is a host of safety inspections/red tape/excess Connecticut fees, etc. that they have to jump through in order to conduct business.

There is no menu yet, either, but they do promise that Clocktown Brewing Company will be home to the finest craft beer in Thomaston. There are a couple of other breweries along Rt. 6 in the area, the closest being Brass Works Brewing on Thomaston Ave in Waterbury, and there's also Firefly Hollow Brewing in nearby Bristol. Good luck Clocktown Brewing, or, I should say, cheers.

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