To say the least, I have not had nice things to say about Lady Gaga's stunts in the past.

On the Ethan and Lou show, I have beaten up on pretty much every move she has ever made. My day in court is coming soon, because her new movie looks amazing. A Star is Born comes out a week from today. If you haven't seen it, here's the trailer:

This movie looks really special. I know she can sing, I know she can act and I am going to have to reverse field on this. I'm just going to get out in front of this one now, even before I see the movie, and say, I had it all wrong. Lady Gaga is the best.

You gotta pick your battles and I picked wrong. No, I don't need to wait to see it before I take back everything I have said. The stupid trailer gives me chills. Sometimes you are wrong. If you are me, it happens a lot.

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