Connecticut is in the middle of one of the worst snowstorms of the year (2024).

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Whenever a storm like this hits, power outtages are sure to follow and that comes with a hidden danger that could kill you, rotten food. There is an old-school hack available to figure out if your food has spoiled.

According to Business Insider you should:

  • Put a quarter on a glass of frozen water and place it in your freezer
  • After a power outage, check the cup with the quarter in it

If the quarter is on top of the frozen water, your food did not defrost and it's safe to eat. If the quarter is in the middle or bottom, your food defrosted and refroze and might not be safe to eat.

There is another way to do this:

  • Put a freezer bag filled with water in your freezer
  • After it's frozen, stand the bag on its side

If you open the freezer and the bag is flat again, that means it's defrosted at some point. You can also put ice cubes in a freezer bag and as long as they remain in cube form, the freezer has not defrosted. Business Insider also reccomends this for natural disasters like hurricanes so be sure to tell you friends in Florida about this trick.

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According to Healthline this is the danger of spoiled meat: "Spoiled ground beef is dangerous to eat because it may contain pathogenic bacteria, which are responsible for foodborne illnesses. Symptoms include fevervomitingstomach cramps, and diarrhea — which may be bloody."

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