If you love waterparks then this one's a must!

As I was researching Connecticut water parks on the internet for a future blog post, I discovered a place called the Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park located in Portland, Connecticut, which turns out is only a little over an hour's drive from Danbury.  

Photo taken from Brownstone YouTube Video...

Walking into Brownstone is like graduating from a fun water park to a cutting-edge adventure-like water park. At Brownstone, you'll have the chance to discover ziplining, rock climbing, the rope swing, wakeboarding, and cliff jumping unless your mommy tells you it's too dangerous.

I picked up a couple of tips from the reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. You might want to leave children 5 and under at home for this water park. Many reviewers suggest going during the week when they open to avoid long lines. You might say the Brownstone water experience is the exact opposite of going to the beach. See why below.

If you love the water and you're not afraid of adventure and trying new things, this is the ideal water park for you and your older kids. For everything you need to know about the Brownstone Exploration and Water Park, simply click here and remember, you will get wet on this ride!