Are you a vanity plate person? Do you love Dr. Seuss? You should move to Massachusetts, they're very close to getting a Cat in the Hat/Dr. Seuss license plate out to the public.

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Did you know that the real Dr. Seuss - Theodor Geisel, was born in nearby Springfield, Massachusetts. Not only that, there's a museum dedicated to his work - The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss in downtown. Even if you are a casual fan, it's so close Connecticut, it's worth the short trip up I-91. If you're going to the Big E, it's only a couple of miles away from the fairgrounds. Dr. Seuss Super Fans have united in a movement up there, and they're very close to getting enough a Dr. Seuss license plate.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

According to, they are less than 100 people away from their goal of going into production on a Massachusetts Dr. Seuss license plate, which will feature Cat in the Hat. Here's a video that Springfield Museums posted to YouTube that gives you a look at the concept.

The Dr. Seuss plates cost $40 for a set, plus there's a plate swapping charge. Proceeds from the plates will go to Springfield Museums, it really is a wonderful place to visit. I really enjoyed the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden in the Museum Quadrangle. Here's a close up that I took of Horton.


Also, the Wood Museum of Springfield History has Geisel's Cadillac, with a California license plate of 'GRINCH', on display until June 2024.

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