What's up with the Connecticut black bears? What do they want? Is it just better food choices? Are they pissed off at Governor Malloy?

I-95's own Pam Brooks has been keeping tabs on these boisterous smelly beasts. Recently, Pam posted a blog on i95rock.com about a bear taking a swipe at a hiker in Simsbury. Rude much? What about the dead bear near exit 17 on I-84 that Pam wrote about at I-95rock.com a couple of days ago? Have they graduated from stealing our food to hijacking our cars on the way to work? Do they think they're such hot s--t because they're considered endangered species in some areas.

I bet you didn't know that Avon has had the most bear sightings in the state at 540. It's no coincidence that Avon is only 9 miles away from our state capital in Hartford! I find that deeply disturbing because they are obviously attempting to organize to lobby for improved living conditions. These beasts, along with their cubs, are voracious eaters. They don't shower and they're a bit unkempt. There's no reasoning with these hairy animals!

One last piece of info. Black bears don't come looking for a fight, in fact they're rather shy. Because they're always hungry, don't feed them or leave food outside as a special treat otherwise they won't leave your yard. Even though they're lumbering creatures, they can reach speeds of 25 to 30mph when they run. Playing "go fetch" with Harry McBearason is ill advised.

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