Bears, oh my, they are everywhere. Another day, another bear story.

We all know that wildlife is everywhere aournd here, and we know that humans keep encroaching on the land that they roam, live, and look for food on. So, what I saw yesterday on I-84, while shocking, is not all that far fetched.

So, if you are out walking in general, and even more so when hiking in the woods, you need to be extra vigilant.

In a story from, another bear incident in Connecticut has lead to a hiker being slightly injured and the bear being euthanized.

A woman from Simsbury was hiking with her black lab in Town Forest Park when she was surprised by the bear. According to Simsbury Police, the woman started to yell and make herself appear large to scare it off as her dog started to bark and ran toward the bear. Unfortunately the bear ran toward the woman and swiped at her, scratching the back of her thighs as she fell to the ground.

According to Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, many bears around the state have a "tag" that allows the DEEP to help research Connecticut's bear population, as well as, other studies. This particular bear was tagged, and that enabled it to be tracked.

The DEEP will take action if a bear exhibits aggressive actions towards humans. I found all of the extensive information about bears on the DEEP's website fascinating. If you haven't checked it out, you should. It's glaringly obvious that the bear population growth isn't slowing down anytime soon in Connecticut, so whether you hike or not, it's a great idea to really have all of the facts you can.

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