With cases of COVID-19 and the Delta variant wreaking havoc across our country, Governor Lamont is doing his best to quell the spread of the virus in Connecticut.

Texas and Florida, along with many other states, are in deep trouble as COVID continues to run rampant as hospital beds fill up with COVID patients. Governors who have ignored mask mandates pretending there's nothing to worry about are seeing their residents getting sicker as the death toll continues to rise.

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Our numbers are much lower here in Connecticut because close to 65% of the state's residents have been fully vaccinated compared to 50% in Florida and 45% in Texas. Let's run down Connecticut's latest numbers in the fight against COVID-19 and the Delta variant, according to covid.cdc.gov.com. The following information was last updated on Monday, August 16, for all Connecticut counties.

Level of Community Transmission

  1. Fairfield County - Substantial
  2. Hartford County - High
  3. Litchfield County - Substantial
  4. Middlesex County - High
  5. New Haven County - High
  6. New London County - High
  7. Tolland County - Substantial
  8. Windham County - Substantial

Highest Positivity Rates in CT (According to ctpublic.org)

  1. North Stonington - 9.4%
  2. Hampton - 9.1%
  3. Willington - 7%

Positivity Rates in Greater Danbury (ctpublic.org)

  1. Sherman - 0%
  2. Newtown - 1.9%
  3. Bridgewater - 2.1%
  4. Bethel - 2.7%
  5. New Fairfield - 2.7%
  6. Danbury - 2.7%
  7. New Milford - 3.6%

To view the most extensive data regarding COVID-19 in Connecticut, I recommend the website mayoclinic.org.

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