The following six intersections throughout greater Danbury could give any driver a major anxiety attack.

I've been driving Greater Danbury's highways, backroads, and city roads for over 35 years. I love to drive because driving relaxes me, and if I do say so myself, I'm pretty damn good at it. But, there are millions of individuals who are not. In fact many suck at the art of driving.

How can you tell they're hideous drivers? I will illustrate five different intersections in Danbury and surrounding towns that will freak out the most incompetent drivers. Let us begin.

Worst Intersections in Danbury

When my oldest son got married nine years ago, I recommended the La Quinta Hotel to many of our out of town guests. If you’re not from this area, there is no way in hell you’re going to find the La Quinta off Exit 8 of I-84. I know this because every single guest who booked a room there reminded me about how difficult it was to find. Didn’t highway or city officials raise their voices in opposition after the intersection engineer, or civil engineer, or whatever kind of engineer came back with the plans for designing the convoluted route to reach a one-way road where three gas stations, a hotel, and a steakhouse are located??? Our families are still giving us crap about not being able to find their hotel back in 2011! Most of them just kept driving up Route 6. One of our family members ended up in Newtown where there was a flagpole in the middle of the road!

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