Every Tuesday morning, just after 8:00 AM, Mike Allen pulls into the parking lot at I-95. Then, he makes his way down the hall to the home of I-95's Ethan and Lou Morning Show to deliver another deep dive into the captivating history of Greater Danbury.

It's called 'The Place You Live' and airs Tuesday at 8:20 AM and 8:50 AM only on I-95's Ethan and Lou Morning Show. Last Tuesday, May 25, Mike Allen gave us an in-depth look at one of Danbury's most fascinating destinations, the Danbury Railway Museum.

To tell you the Danbury Railway Museum is one of the fascinating destinations in Connecticut would be an understatement. Before it was closed due to the pandemic, my grandson, Bradley, had already visited the museum three separate times. He was always fixated on trains and loved being out in the railyard, home to over 75 pieces of railroad rolling stock and locomotives.

Unfortunately, the museum is still closed to the public due to the pandemic and its remodeling project, but they hope for a mid-summer reopening this summer of 2021.


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