Even though the vehicular traffic on the West Cornwall covered bridge is restricted to a crawl by it's one lane, pedestrians still have to be concerned about reckless drivers carelessly flying through. That will change soon, thanks to a grant from the State of Connecticut.

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Governor Ned Lamont and Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto have announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation will dole out more than $9 million dollars in state grants for infrastructure and safety upgrades to 10 smaller towns around Connecticut. Three towns in Northwest Connecticut are slated to receive nearly a million dollars each.

Photo by Mrs. Large
Photo by Mrs. Large

Cornwall will receive $868,000 for sidewalk construction in the West Cornwall Bridge, while Salisbury will receive the lion's share of the $9 million dollars, $1,145,525 will be used for sidewalk construction along Main Street in town. Sharon will use $1,100,000 to rehabilitate sidewalks on Route 41 and 361 in town also.

According to Governor Lamont -

"Right now, we are in an era in which we are making some of the largest investments in transportation infrastructure improvements in our lifetime, and we want to make sure Connecticut's rural communities are also supported. Small towns across Connecticut support families and play a vital role in growing the agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. We're providing state grants to help ensure these smaller communities remain safe and connected for future generations."

Preston, Stafford, Voluntown, Hebron, Hampton, Haddam, and Coventry are the other 7 rural communities receiving grants, with additional opportunities for a TRIP grant being announced later in 2024.

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