I have never personally seen an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO in my life, if they even exist.

After researching the nuforc.org and ufostalker.com websites, I've picked out 10 of the best UFO sightings over Connecticut in 2016. Are they actual UFOs? Absolutely none of the following sightings of so-called UFOs have been officially legitimized as beings from the vast solar systems and galaxies.

1. Prospect, CT (12/23/16) - 6 to 6:30 PM - Case #81122

The initial sighting contained one bright red object and then 20 seconds later, the object turned a much brighter red. Initially, one object was observed, but several others followed and then stopped over what appeared to be New Haven. No noise, animal, or electrical disturbances were observed.

2. Bethlehem, CT (7/26/16) - 9:30 PM

This huge aircraft had red and white blinking lights and was traveling                       horizontally. The witness pulled over and turned off his car engine. There was       absolutely no kind of engine noise from the aircraft. Eventually, the aircraft began to fly vertically. Another witness in Bantam saw the same object hovering over Bantam Lake.

3. New Milford, CT (12/28/16) - 5:55pm

A witness saw a low flying triangular plane-like object with lights at the corners and ends of the craft. It first hovered over the trees but as we continued driving, it followed us and hovered over the car. When it moved away it appeared to move much faster than any normal aircraft. Overall, it was a very creepy and cryptic experience.

4. Wethersfield, CT (12/18/1) - 10pm

The witness was laying in bed when he saw an extremely bright flashing light, which remained in the same spot for several minutes. The bright lights moved from left to right and then right to left. After about 20 seconds, the lights moved into the middle but were higher in the sky and then it vanished.

5.  Monroe, CT (10/17/16) - 7:34pm

The person who witnessed this next UFO sighting is a proclaimed nightly sky watcher. First he heard two helicopters approaching when he claimed he saw a white orb, the size of Venus, motionless directly overhead. The helicopters headed north with this white orb following their flight plan, but only for a minute or two. The orb then began heading east in the night sky and disappeared.

6. Shelton, CT (10/6/16) - 8:10pm

The sighting took place out of the witnesses window when he claimed to have seen a light which split into three different lights. He claims it was practically over his head and then vanished and appeared over his neighbors house. He told ufostalker.com the aircraft appeared to be traveling at 40mph.

7Bridgeport, CT (9/22/16) - Evening

A guy looks out his bedroom window and sees something moving strangely in the far distance. The object's lights kept flashing repeatedly and it rose at great speed going straight up in the air. The guy's skeptical daughter yelled to the night sky to give them a sign. That's when a beam of light shot across the sky. The father and daughter got the hell out of there.

Do you believe any of these sightings? Have you seen a UFO?

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