I was speaking with my buddy, Jose, down at Chihuahua's Deli in Brookfield the other day. Jose mentioned to me that one of his customers claims to have seen an unidentified flying object in the skies over New Milford Wednesday night (January 4).

We reached out to the young man named Chad to get his story directly on the Ethan and Lou Show. We also spoke to some of the other listeners about it to see what they knew. Here is what was said:

Tough to make a ruling on the information I've got there. One guy says he saw it, another guy says it was a plane, and a third is convinced it was Mia Farrow, thirty years ago walking down the street with her thirty adopted children. That is a rough one. I will have to investigate further. I know this for sure -- I am a believer, I want to believe and I know I will have alien sex one day.

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