Maybe you've been asking yourself, "Why should I spend $15 to go watch these two clowns when I can listen to them for free?"

If that question has crossed your mind, you are not alone. That is why I, Ethan Carey, am writing this blog to give you clear and concise answers to that question by delivering, The Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend the Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special.

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    Hot Chicks

    You may not be aware that Ethan and Lou attract a wide variety of hot chicks wherever they go. On August 18 at the Ridgefield Playhouse you will discover and learn how these two chick magnets work their Mojo. I would advise that you bring along a small notebook and a pen to take copious notes throughout the evening.

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    Cheap Night Out in Ridgefield

    Is there such a thing as a cheap night out in Ridgefield? By spending only $30, and in Ridgefield no less, you and the missus can sneak away for some quality time together and be entertained at the Ethan & Lou 10th Anniversary Special! WARNING: If you plan on wrapping up the evening with some sexy time, you just might have to pony up for an adult beverage or two.

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    Bitchin' Live Music and Comedy

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    Pregame in the Lobby

    I'm not saying you're going to need a drink or two before our show although it might help. As you walk into the lobby at the Playhouse, a full bar awaits your arrival featuring top shelf wine, beer, and liquor plus you're always greeted with a smile. I call it the best lobby bar in the business. Make sure you join Lou and I for a quick cocktail meet n' greet in the lobby after the show.

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    Find Out Why Ethan & Lou Belong Together - Bromance Perhaps?

    How do two guys whose ages are 28 years apart and have such contrasting personalities work side by side four hours each day. How can they make a radio show work for 10 years without stabbing each other? You won't believe how important calendar dates factor into their relationship. The mystery will be revealed on Friday evening, August 18 at 8pm at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

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