Have I done this? Of course not, because I do not like misunderstandings with people. In fact, I do not like conversations with people, and let's be real here, I do not like people.

When you say the word "bomb" on an airplane, it gets people's attention, and there are inevitable conversations and misunderstandings with people headed your way when you say bomb on an airplane.

Do I know someone who said the word bomb on an airplane? Yes I do. It was my wife and she was talking to me.

She was wondering aloud what would happen if someone yelled bomb on the airplane, while we were sitting on the plane. It's a fun topic of discussion as long as you are not on a plane. I thought maybe this is not the time or place. She felt differently on the matter.

Keep in mind this is a woman who screamed "fire" the first time she came with me to the company Christmas party. I thought it was funny, but it raised a few eyebrows. I told the bomb story this morning on the Ethan and Lou Miracle Network and it went a little something like this:

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