Smooth like silk and aged to perfection, the legendary voice of Paul Rodgers has graced the FM airwaves for decades. For most music fans it's hit singles from Free, Bad Company and even The Firm that come to mind when they think of Rodgers but there is much more to this legendary singer than just the hit songs.

In honor of his birthday today these are the 10 songs featuring the voice of Paul Rodgers few rock fans know but most definitely should.

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    "Small" - Queen + Paul Rodgers (2008)

    Rodgers' run with Queen may have been brief but he was able to record some inspired pieces of music with Brian May and Roger Taylor. One of them is this musical reflection on life called "Small" off of the 2008 Paul Rodgers + Queen album 'The Cosmos Rocks'.

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    "Closer" - The Firm (1985)

    It's a Led Zeppelin reunion most people talk about when the name Jimmy Page comes up. For me The Firm comes in at a close second.

    The Firm opened their shows with this hard rockin', blood pumpin' song on their 1985 tour.

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    "Fire & Water" - Free (1970)

    This gritty and groovin' classic comes from Paul Rodgers' first band Free. It's the title track to their third album from 1970 which also has a song you may have heard of called "All Right Now". Yeah that one.

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    "Mr. Big" - Free (1970)

    Here's another Free song that comes from their third album 'Fire & Water'. Paul's vocals are stellar on this track which has a killer groove and riff from the late great Free guitarist Paul Kossoff.

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    "Live For The Music" - Bad Company (1976)

    The first Bad Company song on this list comes from their 1976 album 'Run With The Pack'. Talk about a raunchy and rough rocker. Van Halen used to cover this Bad Co. song back in their club days.

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    "Wishing Well" - Free (1973)

    This Free gem comes from the album released on this month back in 1973 - 'Heartbreaker'.

    On "Wishing Well" you have the raw aggression of earlier Free songs with some nice sleek production work. Rodgers' voice has an elegant glow to it.

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    "Run With The Pack" - Bad Company (1975)

    Bad Company's third album 'Run With The Pack' features some of their most underrated songs and the title track is one of them.

    This is a great tempo-change rocker which starts off with an in-your-face beat and guitar riff before transitioning into an elegant chorus highlighted with a beautiful orchestral arrangement underneath.

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    "Tear Down The Walls" - The Firm (1986)

    This track from The Firm's second album 'Mean Business' is my favorite of all the non-hit singles the band released.

    I guess I'm not surprised "Tear Down The Walls" never became a hit. It really doesn't have the typical catchy chorus or hook to it, no melody that people can gravitate towards yet there's something so undeniably cool about this song.

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    "Midnight Moonlight" - The Firm (1985)

    Jimmy Page intended for this to be a Led Zeppelin song sung by Robert Plant but John Bonham's death in 1980 put an end to the band and the song. Five years later, however, Page started his new band The Firm with Paul Rodgers behind the mic. The song was dusted off and Rodgers' vocals gave it a nice midnight moonlight glow.

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    "Seagull" - Bad Company (1974)

    Bad Company's debut album from 1974 is the stuff of legend. Songs like "Can't Get Enough", "Rock Steady", "Ready For Love", "Bad Company" and "Movin' On" all became massive hits. It's the very end of the album, however, where you'll find this often overlooked jewel.

    "Seagull" soars from the start with a beautiful acoustic arrangement and it's Paul Rodgers who takes it to the heavens with a vocal performance that is second to none.

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