The guys have their man caves and the kids have their tree forts, but where can a woman get away from it all?

It's been a universal "men vs. women" issue since the beginning of time. Man makes a sandwich and doesn't clean the crumbs off the counter, woman yells at the man, calling him a slob. It's been going on since the invention of the sandwich back in the mid-1700s by John Montagu, the British Earl of Sandwich. If polled, I think you would agree that husbands and wives should have a place they can escape to.

The House In Sweden Rumoured To Have Been Purchased By Elin Nordegren
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I've lost count of how many times my wife has said, "I need a place of my own!" She says she's tired of men mucking up her house. Well, guess what? Now she can have that tiny house that she's been dreaming of and I promise I won't step foot in it.

How much can one of these tiny homes possibly be? I guessed maybe $1,000 or $2,000 tops? I was so wrong. According to the research I've done at some local retailers, these cute little tiny houses start at around $4,200. There you go, sweetums. Most guys will tell you to save your money and don't ask them to help build it, clean it, maintain it or buy things for it. Us guys call it a small price to pay for possibly saving ones marriage.

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