My wife Mindy can't help herself when the popular Easter candy, Peeps hit grocery store shelves.

It's sad when you catch a grown woman with the tail of a Peep rabbit sticking out of her mouth. With a sheepish look on her face, she quickly hustles into her office and locks the door where I can hear her unwrapping another Peep 12-pack, this time she's chosen the yellow bunnies. I plead with her not to eat all 12, one after the other, but she doesn't answer because her mouth is full of those sugary marshmallow bunnies.

OK, maybe I'm over-dramatizing the story just a little. Yes, she loves those Peeps BUT, only the yellow ones. When they first go up on grocery store shelves, I am instructed to immediately drive to Stop N' Shop and buy one, and only one package.

My Wife, Mindy - Photo by Ethan
My Wife, Mindy - Photo by Ethan

After she's eaten the entire array of Peeps within two hours, I am ordered to NEVER bring another package of those luscious yellow marshmallowy bunny rabbits into our house ever again and then she yells:


And that is the very last time she will mention the "P" word until next year around Easter time.


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