Jeez man, you people are quick. Not one day after I learned the incredible news that Ronzoni is discontinuing their Pastina pasta, and they're all gone from store shelves around Connecticut.

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Let this news sink in - according to, Ronzoni Pastina - No. 155 has been discontinued. Ronzoni blames the pasta's third-party manufacturer's difficulties for this discontinuation, but doesn't completely shut the door on it making a comeback in the future in the statement provided to Snopes. I've always thought that it must be an incredibly involved process to cut a sheet of pasta down into 1,000's of tiny little stars.

I read about this yesterday, and I made it my mission to try and find a box yesterday afternoon. Man, did I strike out. You can find thousands of boxes of Barilla Pastina between Brookfield and Torrington, but the hoarders have already snapped up all of the Ronzoni in Western Connecticut.

Stop & Shop in Litchfield, Big Y in Torrington, Price Rite in Torrington, and Bantam Market were my stops, and they were all cleaned out. It probably doesn't help that literally everyone I know is sick at the moment too. A nice steaming pile of pastina in chicken broth, or just straight up with butter and salt is so comforting when you feel crappy.

The online hoarding has started - I just checked Amazon, and they're all sold out of Ronzoni Pastina. You can get a 3 pack of boxes on Ebay for only $36.49 from giftsbymia, if you can stomach that kind of price gouge. Oh well, I'll be lamenting Ronzoni's loss as I chow my Barilla Pastina, but if you find any, let me know.

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