June 6, 2024 was the 80th anniversary of D Day, when Allied forces landed on the Normandy Coast during World War 2. If you're along the Connecticut shoreline this weekend, you may see some of the airplanes that were used 80 years ago flying overhead once again.

I'm an Apple TV subscriber, and the most riveting series on their service, in my opinion, is Masters of The Air. The series follows a specific group of airmen in the United States Air Force that flew B-17 Flying Fortress units during WW2. Watching what these men and women went through 80 years ago is terrifying and inspiring all of these years later. Luckily, there are a few of these original aircrafts that have survived into 2024. You can see them fly once again in Stratford this weekend.

70th Anniversary Of VE Day Commemorated In Washington DC
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The Connecticut Air & Space Center is located on Main Street in Stratford, and from Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9, 2024, they're presenting Warbird Flight Experiences which is an interactive experience that you will have the opportunity to actually take flight in any of five vintage aircraft:  A P-51D Mustang, An AT-6D Texan, a C-45 Expediter, a PT-13 Stearman, or a UC-61 Forwarder.

Admission to the event is cheap, $10 for Adults, $7 for Veterans, but bring your wallet if you do want to hit the skies over Long Island Sound. The rates vary by aircraft, start at $275 for a 20 minute flight in the UC-61, and go all the way up to a $4000 40 minute flight in the P-51D. The event runs daily from 9AM to 4PM all three days, and kids 6 and under will be admitted for free.

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